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Landlord & Tenant

Clifford Dann have been advising owners and occupiers - landlords and tenants - of rented property for many years and have an established expertise in this field. We offer clear advice based on our experience of values in the Sussex area and our knowledge of the complexity of the Landlord & Tenant Legislation.

Lease Renewal
Lease renewal provides the opportunity to review the impracticality of older leases and introduce commercial reality. The Landlord & Tenant Acts provide a strict timetable to be followed by both sides, and with proper professional advice, a significant technical advantage can be gained. In this respect, we recommend to both landlords and tenants that they take advice before the lease expires.

Rent Review
Rent Reviews are an area for potential conflict; all landlords want rents to increase whereas tenants want them not to. We act for either party in such disputes to ensure that no tenant pays too much whilst no landlord receives too little.